My collection of Photographs and Information on Aircraft in South Africa

Aircraft in South Africa

Civilian Aircraft Photos taken at OR Tambo

All the photographs on this page have been taken by me and are free to download and use for whatever purpose. Miscellaneous Photos of Civilian Aircraft [read more]

Petit Airfield Benoni (FARA) Fly in Day

Petit Airfield is a small airfield in Benoni found at following GPS location: S26 05.095 E28 23.401 The strip is 1200 meters long and consists of grass and compact dirt. The Airfield Frequency is 133.20. All circuits are done towards the east of the field as the west side is on the border of the [read more]

Aircraft in South Africa
Aircraft in South Africa

Tedderfield Airpark Sling Aircraft

All the photographs on this page have been taken by me and are free to download and use for whatever purpose. Photos taken from my visit to Tedderfield Airpark to have a look at how the Sling Aircraft are built. [read more]

Aeronca C3 Petit Airfield

This is currently the oldest flying aircraft in South Africa and a pre-war trans-Africa veteran This Aeronca was built by the Aeronautical Corporation of America (Aeronca) of Ohio in late 1935 and delivered to Britain, where it was assembled at Hanworth. In 1936 it was flown to Johannesburg by David Llewellyn. 

Mirage F1CZ Dassault Aviation

The Dassault Mirage F1 was a single-engine fighter aircraft, designed to function as both an interceptor aircraft and as a capable ground attack platform. While officially developed for the French Air Force as a capable air defense aircraft, Dassault Aviation had placed considerable emphasis on developing the Mirage F1 for ground attack duties as a [read more]

Arthur Piercy 27 September 1987

In 1987 in a dog fight over Angola, Arthur Piercy’s Mirage F1 was damaged by a Cuban pilot who deployed a missile at Piercy’s fighter craft. Piercy made it back to base, but on landing had a crash that left him permanently in a wheelchair. These days, Piercy’s flying again, and has launched a global [read more]

Mirage F1CZ 206 Damaged
Mirage F1CZ Last Flight

Mirage F1CZ Last Flight at 3 Squadron

By: Sgt Jarret Clark Photo: Cpl C. van Rooyen On 30 September 1992, the “Fighting Wasps” of 3 Squadron SAAF, one of the country’s most famous fighter squadrons, took to the skies for the last time and then finally fell silent. At a farewell parade at Waterkloof Air Force Base, the Mirage F1CZ’s put on an [read more]

Mirage F1AZ Dassault Aviation

1 Squadron of the South African Airforce flew Harvards until moving to AFB Waterkloof in June 1947 with their new Spitfire MkIXe’s. These were replaced with Vampires in 1950 and Sabre Mk6’s in September 1956. The squadron moved to AFB Pietersburg in 1967, but returned to AFB Waterkloof in late 1975. The Squadron re-equipped with [read more]

Mirage F1AZ and FICZ Information

Publication, Date and Author Unknown The Dassault-Breguet Mirage F-1 The Dassault-Breguet Mirage F-1 is the natural successor to the delta-winged Mirage III fighter aircraft and features an impressive array of improvements on its predecessor. The most obvious change from the earlier Mirage III is a conventional wing lay-out with high-lift devices which improve combat maneuverability [read more]

Mirage III and Atlas Cheetah

South Africa was amongst the earliest export customers for the Mirage III, having initially ordered a batch of 15 Mirage IIIC for low-level ground attack operations, for which they were armed with the Nord Aviation AS-20, along with three Mirage IIIBZ two-seater trainers. Further aircraft were ordered, including a batch of 16 Mirage IIIEs, three [read more]

AUSTER Mk V Petit Airfield

This is one of 790 aircraft of this variant built by the British Taylorcraft company of Rearsby near Leicester, England. Designed primarily as an “Aerial Observation Post” or AOP aircraft for use in conjunction with artillery, this example was completed for the Royal Air Force in December 1944 with construction no. 1431 and was delivered [read more]